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We do not only develop software! We also offer you partnerships in every field where technology can reach. Diam&Tech is a technology partner. Our engineers work to use existing technology and products at the highest level.

We would like to inform you about our Solution Generation process

First Meeting

To understand what you need, the first step is to organize an introductory meeting! In this step, we listen to you about your business, what you want, your needs, and what you dream of seeing when we are done. We share with you what we can do based on what you have told, your needs we see, what you will have in the end, and finally we draw a common path.

Research and Analytics

The second step is to choose the structures that are most suitable for you based on the data we have collected! We research and analyze what we can use on the path we will follow, what your competitors are doing, what we can do to be original.


At the end of our research, we create a general plan. In this plan, what we will do, what structures we will use, how much time and money you will spend are finalized.

At the end of the planning process, we organize a second meeting to share our thoughts with you and finalize the path we will follow. At this stage, we show you what you will have in the end with a user experience presentation. You can use your revision right here! During the meeting, we take a look at the places you don't want and don't like and answer your questions. At the point when you say everything is ok, we clarify how much you need to spend for this job and how much time it will take. Then we start!


Your product is in the process of creation! Our teams start to work on your project and bring your wishes to life.


When your project is finished with its outlines, it goes through a quality control process. We call this the testing process. After the project has been tested with all positive and negative scenarios, we have prepared a perfect product for you.


Your product is ready! With a final meeting, we introduce the product to you and explain how it works. At the end of the meeting, you receive your product.


Your product is under the guarantee of Diam&Tech! Even though we deliver the project, we are still with you! Diam&Tech support team will always be with you if you have a problem in the following processes or if there are points that you want to improve.

Bring Your Ideas to Life.

Let’s create a team that can work for you in line with the needs of your business! Let Diam&Tech engineers reveal all their knowledge and experience for you!

Your business is not technology, but you need technology in your business? You can get support for all your technology-related needs in your new establishment or operating business!

What can we do for you?

We make you online

We organize both your website and social media accounts to bring you together with your customers in a way that is suitable for your industry and business model. Let's show the world that you're reachable!

We produce online and offline solutions

We organize products developed according to the sensitivity of your industry and business so that they can be used on public secure networks, private networks or LAN (Local Area Networks) according to your preference, with all security measures taken.

We take all necessary precautions for your safety

Every business and industry needs unique requirements and measures. From the beginning of the development process to the last moment when your service meets the user, we ensure that the process proceeds with great precision, we close all open doors against hackers and use state-of-the-art encryption tools. In addition, we fill in all the missing points regarding the wrong or unethical transactions of employees and customers, which are as dangerous as hackers.

We work to reduce your workload

A properly designed system can reduce human error margin to zero and reduce human burden. With the support of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we develop smarter solutions for you. We create products that do calculations, daily routines, analysis and much more for you.

We always keep the user experience at the highest level

User experience is the key to success. The ease of use of a product or service is as important as its functionality. We care about your customers and employees as much as you do. For this reason, we design interfaces with performance, where time losses are reduced to almost zero, and user flow can be easily managed.

We make improvements for Dijital Marketing & SEO

We optimize your websites to be suitable for search engines and ensure their continuity. We organize your content in accordance with your internet advertising or marketing strategies, develop pages that aim to convert visitors into potential customers, and introduce you to the world on platforms that will suit your industry.

We process your data to come to life in graphics

We record every event that happens on your product for you. Although this is a kind of security measure, it also helps you get to know your business, your employees and your customers in more detail. We lay out the new strategy development, the efficiency of the current situation and many other things in an understandable way for you.

We make investments to ensure that our products and solutions are strong and uninterrupted

We pay attention to customizing and product-specific optimizing the resources of our existing services. For this purpose, according to need, we establish teams or we support the deficiencies in the source. We take care to create our own frames.

Some of the topics we consider in our work

big data

Big Data

Accurate processing and classification of each data

real time


Continuously updated data with low latency and high-speed responses


Hybrid Technologies

Different programming languages ​​or the operation of a single programming language as a whole on different operating systems


Artificial Intelligence

Realization of mental functions such as learning, problem solving, perception and decision making


Analysis & Charts

Defining data correctly and making it understandable

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