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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Diam&Tech?

    In a changing world, the only thing that does not change is our perspective. Just forward. We do not leave behind any product or service that we develop, integrate and work on. We always strive to be in the best shape. We strive to provide sustainable solutions. In addition, the fact that we are active in many projects and various industries adds different perspectives and dynamism to our business.

  • Are you selective in the projects or companies you will support?

    It is our sole duty to serve companies that want to get more powerful, renew and bring innovations to the world. Considering these, we are happy to work with any project and company that the laws of the current location and our company policy will allow.

  • What is a Technology Partnership?

    Technology partners are people or companies involved in technology business that every company or project needs in order to exist online in today's world. At this point, we are just a technology company. Therefore, the only subject we focus on is technology. Just as the only thing you focus on is your own business. Partnership is when two companies need each other.

    The dimension we call partnership is different from developing and delivering the product or service. First of all, Diam&Tech quickly integrates into the project or company. It makes a detailed analysis of every field and need related to technology and the process starts right here. We offer you the most accurate technological strategies to reach your destination by taking advantage of our knowledge and experience. We build a strong ground technologically, we guide it for you. We will be an unshakable support in every moment of your business life. Thus, while you have a dynamic service in the changing world, you can give all your attention to your project or company.

  • Do you work on a fixed price or time and material basis?

    Flexibility is the key to success in today's world. That's why we try to suggest an appropriate solution for each specific case we handle. The clearer and more detailed the requirements, the more accurate our estimates will be. This is the closest we've come to the fixed-price model.

  • What is the average project duration?

    As our teams work full time on each project, total time will depend heavily on the initial estimate. Our projects take an average of 2 weeks to 6 months.

  • What are the support conditions of the project or companies?

    In projects and services, there is a support period covering the first 1 year from the moment the project or service is put into use. This support process includes the smooth running of the project and the elimination of errors. Additional requests can be made.

    The support type in companies differs. There can be a lot of technical and software support available 24/7 if needed beside regular working hours. The support condition for the companies is based to last updated text of the agreement.

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To use the power we get from our employees and qualified human resources to take existing companies one step further and to bring technological transformation to lagging companies. Fill all the gaps related to technology in new formations and projects. Use our social responsibility awareness to make a difference with all our business partners and employees and produce high added values works. To make Diam&Tech a quality by itself.

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By the end of the fourth quarter of 2025, we aim to make operational our operation offices in two countries and make operational our communication offices in seven different metropolises in order to complete our globalization process. With our multinational structure, we will provide the best service to our existing customers in their locations, gain new customers and create a stronger and safer environment for our customers.

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