Effective as from 21 March, 2023.


1. Introduction


     These terms of use provide information regarding the use of the website (The "Site") operated by Diam&Tech Ltd. (the "Company" or "We"). By using the site as a user, you accept these Terms of Use.


     This agreement informs users about their rights, limitations and responsibilities when using the information and services on the website. Every user working with the website is bound by the rules of this agreement from the moment of entering the website until leaving it.


2. Details About The Company


Name: Diam&Tech Ltd.
Entered in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities at the Registration Agency with UIC 204762427
Correspondence details: 58 Bulgaria Blvd., Section C, floor 2, Office No 9, 1680 Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail: legal@diamandtech.com


3. Use of The Site


     By using the site, you agree to comply with the following:

  • You will use the Site for lawful purposes only.
  • You will not use the Site in a manner that inconveniences or interferes with other users.
  • You will respect the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the Site.
  • You will not attack the site to cause damage.
  • You will not have malicious intent in your use of any information on the Site.


     The company reserves its right to interrupt access to certain material (including, but not limited to: photos, texts and others) published on the site, without the consent of the User, for an unlimited period of time, planned or accidental, without being responsible for any as a result of the suspension damages the User.


     The company reserves its right to change, without prior notice, the structure or content of the site. Changes take effect immediately after they are published on the site.


4. Features of The Service


     This field is optional. But if you decide to stay here, it must be specified how the user can use your service (viewing, sharing, text search capability, phone call generation capability, electronic inquiry capability, forwarding, newsletter signup, in order to receive of information, etc.) It should be added that the Company does not guarantee its ability to respond and the period in which one will be provided.


5. Intellectual Property Rights


     The overall information published on the site, including but not limited to: texts, photos, audio and video materials, is the intellectual property of the Company or is used by the latter on a legal basis and as such is protected by the current legislation on the protection of intellectual property, including but not only the protection of copyright and related rights.


     Any use of the information, including but not limited to: copying, modification, reproduction, without the consent and permission of the Company or the respective intellectual property rights holder, is prohibited and it constitutes a violation of the Company's intellectual property rights or those of their respective carrier, in case it is different from the Company.


6. Linking To Third-Party Information


     The Site may contain links to third party websites. Such links are for informational purposes only. The terms of use and privacy policies of the respective websites are beyond the Company's control. The company bears no responsibility for the content of profiles and websites owned and/or operated by third parties.


     In the event that a User believes that a given profile and/or web page to which the site refers contains illegal information, including information that infringes his intellectual property rights, that User should inform the Company.


7. Other Terms


     The Site and its content are provided "as is". The Company makes no warranties, express or implied, that the Site will operate uninterrupted or error-free or that it will meet your needs or fulfill a particular purpose.


     The information and materials available on the site are informative, general and abstract in nature and do not represent, nor should they be accepted or interpreted as advice, guidance and/or consultation provided by the Company to the Users.


     The company bears neither any responsibility for any correctness, reliability, truthfulness and/or topicality of the information and materials available on and/or through the site, for any reason, nor for their applicability to a specific factual situation.


     The company bears no property and/or non-property responsibility for the content of the site, nor is it responsible for damages suffered by any User and/or by a third party in connection with its use and/or the information and materials available to it, including the application them to a specific situation (for example: a User taking specific actions based on information posted on the site).


     The company shall take appropriate measures to ensure the security of the collected data. The latest technological security solutions are used, such as website security and methods used in legal services.


     Any liability arising out of the use of the Site or arising out of these Terms of Use shall include the Company's entire liability, material or loss not exceeding US$100, for any damages arising out of the use of the Site or these Terms of Use.


8. Amendments


     These terms of use may be amended by the Company at any time, and the amendment shall be effective for Users from the moment of their publication.


9. Contact Us


     If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms of Use, please contact us by sending an email to the following email address: legal@diamandtech.com