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Years of Industry Experience

Diam&Tech Ltd. started out as “Ka Met.Com Limited” in 2017. Over the years, it has carried out software activities in many sectors and projects, and provided consultancy in digital advertising and marketing. Analyzing the sectors and customers during this period, "Ka Met.Com Limited" decided to renew and update its activities to meet all the needs of its customers from A to Z.

Diam&Tech Ltd. emerged as an idea in the first quarter of 2021. The change in the official title of the company took place in the first quarter of 2023.

Within the scope of this project, the company provides services to its customers beyond software solutions. Diam&Tech Ltd. doesn't just develop software! It also offers cooperation in every field that technology can reach. Diam&Tech is a technology partner. It provides high efficiency and performance by correctly identifying existing technologies in line with the needs of its partners, and by producing hybrid solutions if necessary. In the customer category it mainly serves, there are companies, enterprise architectures, e-commerce sites and FinTech. Valuing ideas, Diam&Tech establishes teams that work for companies that want to start a startup or want to make a technology transform, but are independent of them. These teams offer the best service and solution to their partners with the knowledge and experience of Diam&Tech.

The Diam&Tech project is based on the goal of establishing an international organization. It is aware of the support that a multinational company can give to its customers in environmental and global crisis situations. Using its new title, it aims to quickly integrate into the markets of its existing customers and have a say.

We Support .ORG!

We help you create an organization that will create awareness without additional demands.


  • Contributing and laying the groundwork for our employees to achieve their best
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with our customer-oriented approaches
  • To provide fast, safe, quality products and services with our rational, creative, innovative and dynamic structure
  • Developing strong solutions for needs and ensuring that they are always up-to-date and sustainable
  • Making a difference in projects and companies with our advanced technology solutions
  • Ensuring the privacy of our customers and their customers
  • To comply with business ethics and honest trade
  • Contributing to people and the environment with our social responsibility awareness


To use the power we get from our employees and qualified human resources to take existing companies one step further and to bring technological transformation to lagging companies. Fill all the gaps related to technology in new formations and projects. Use our social responsibility awareness to make a difference with all our business partners and employees and produce high added values works. To make Diam&Tech a quality by itself.


By the end of the fourth quarter of 2025, we aim to make operational our operation offices in two countries and make operational our communication offices in seven different metropolises in order to complete our globalization process. With our multinational structure, we will provide the best service to our existing customers in their locations, gain new customers and create a stronger and safer environment for our customers.